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NJNU Bargaining Updates

Updates on how your elected NJNU reps are bargaining workplace issues and questions at KMC and SBMC!


The NJNU Negotiating team is complying the surveys to create our proposals for the upcoming negotiations with SBMC. Please submit your surveys to your delegates or you can fax to 973-992-8410. If you have not received a survey please reach out to your delegates or call the office at 973-992-6568.

We must be united and strong in the next few months, please stay informed by reaching out to your delegates and unit contacts. We will also be updating the website, and emails. We are only as strong as our members behind us, the Union is you.

2013 Pensions & Benefits Meeting Video Part 2

2013 Pensions & Benefits Meeting Video Part 1

Mandatory Overtime

This is what the Department of Labor Says about the Mandatory Overtime Law:

Q. Is there a law that protects health care workers from being forced to work overtime?

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